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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Carla finally gets that koala

January 17th: Okay, today the big finale at Monash. I arrived a tad early to post a blog. Today in the morning class we were each given a section of a cartoon strip which we had to describe. We then shared our descriptions and as a group sequenced the comic strip. Usinng an overhead projector, Carla then gave her own description to the class of what was happening with the main character Federico and wrote any new vocabulary up on the whiteboard. Carla also shared some schiacciata with us which was delicious and welcomed as I had skipped breakfast(yes, I was still trying to organise my luggage.)We then viewed a small part of the film Ricordati di me and listed the nouns and verbs we saw as we viewed the segment.

Then it was off to the usual place for lunch. After lunch Goretti, Deb and I went to the co-op as I was all out of batteries. We were quite a long time there and it was pouring with rain so we were a little late for afternoon class.

We viewed a part of a television show featuring Robert Benigne and Adriano Celentano in which they sang La coppia piĆ¹ bella del mondo. We discussed the significance of the song and the political climate at the time. It was then a quick coffee break at a bar with Adriana and Jack and back for the final session at Monash. The two classes combined and we worked in our Caccia del tesoro groups to produce a short skit or presentation for the whole group. Some groups did some fantastic interviews, others songs or short reeanactments of special moments. You can see a very dramatic Rosemary in action in the above photo. Cathy, Laura, Carla and Cecilia were all present to watch the presentations. Jack just had to get in the whole Latin Lover thing with a provactive song and it was pretty funny. I don't think Carla or Laura expected such attention from the young Australian lad. Presentations of Australian gifts were then made to the teachers at Monash to show our heart-felt gratitude for all of their hard work and kindness. I think Jack really enjoyed give Cathy her present.

At seven we all went out to a restaurant for a final dinner with the staff from Monash. We all received a scarf from the manager of the establishment as a souvenir of our time in Prato; a really nice gesture even though we are probably all still defluffing the coats. Bye Laura, bye Carla. This could be my last post as I am not sure what facilities are available at the hotels we will be staying in. If you want to read the earlier blogs go to View my complete profile and click on Archives and you will be able to read earlier entries.We'll see! Signing off for now...La Carolina xx Hi Elsie, hope Travis has shared this blog with you. Off that computer now Travis!!! Give someone else a go.


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