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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Museo del Tessuto

January 9th: Today in class we concentrated on doing a dictation, the family and the imperfect tense. We modelled stories using Cuisenaire Rods, something I had never thought of doing. Jack and I did a soccer match.

The afternoon session only went to four as we then had a guided tour of the Textile Museum. The museum is basically dedicated to the textile art and technology from the 15th to the 20th century. It opened in 1975 following a great bequest of the collector Loriano Bertini (more than 600 pieces I believe), and its collections have expanded thanks to public and private contributions. The guide said that there were some six housand samples of fabric from all over the world in the museum. There were also many types of machines on display showing how the weaving of fabrics changed over the centuries. There was also heaps of information on the different types of cloth and the dyeing processes used. I probably only actively listened for ten minutes but was content to read the information first in English and then in Italian. Quite a few people found the tour a little on the lengthy side and someone actually left early. The highlight for me I suppose was the dazzling robe designed and woven for the pope which was on display on the top level. It was of a layered weave and each colour had special religious significance.

At the end of the tour Adriana wanted to look at some of the wares for sale. They bhad already dimmed the lights so we stood around in the semi dakness looking at the lace bookmarks, books and other souvenirs made from woven fabrics. Adriana tried to talk tone of the guides into a deal but she couldn't do a deal without the actual proprietor of the store who had aleady left so we left empty-handed. We then went to see Antonio, a friend of hers to collect a rugby top she had ordered for her son. Antonio works in a coffee bar. It was an authentic rugby union shirt for Prato called I Cavallieri. Cheaper one are often available in the market but Adrian wasn't after any old psuedo affair. There was also a guy in the bar who used to play for an important team so Adriana got chatting to him until I eventually manged to drag her away or we would have been thre all night. Finally we returned to the hotel. I had a few beers with Goretti and Cecilia at the bar and a few nibbles which were on offer at the bar as they generally are here in Italy.


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