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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A very long trip

January 3rd: Hello, well here I am safely in Rome with Gummy and Pingui. Pingui didn't get to see the sights as he was locked away in my suitcase much to his disgust. Gummy wasn't exactly happy about being ina plastic bag either. I was trying to keep him clean for all the photo shoots he has to do over the next three weeks.

When I arrived in Melbourne I met up with Antonella, Rosanna, Rosemary, Elizabeth and Belinda. We all boardered our flight to Singapore together. After seven hours we arrived in Singapore. Singapore Airlines would have to be one of the best services I have ever experienced. The hostesses were all very helpful and obliging. A few of us tried out the Singapore Sling, a drink which certainly aids a few hours sleep. Here Gummy got to know Ozzie Bear, Belinda's friend and the adventure began. Here we in the Singapore airport. The whole group had arrived by midnight. Other group members are Carmelina, Belinda, Jack, Cathy, Adriana, Deb, Goretti, Fiona, Domenica, Francis, Paula, Maria, Cecilia and our illustrious Group Leader Antonella Chiera-Macchia. We then all had a three hour wait until we boarded the plane for Rome. The choice of inflight movies and music was fantastic. I watched Corpse Bride and listened to Laura Pausini's new CD. After a long thirteen hour flight we finally landed in Rome. Then following a three hour bus trip we arrived in Prato and settled into our accommodation at Hotel Giardino where we all received a very warm reception and everything was exceptionally well organised. I am sharing a room with Elizabeth(Liz) Gummy is already excited about all the amazing food displays about the place.

We all refreshed ourselves and attended our first meeting at the Monash Centre where we were given an introduction and a folder of materials relating to the course. We then had a tea and most retired to their rooms. Carmelina (Lina), Elizabeth, Belinda S and I all went for a bit of a wander through a market which was set up in Via Magnolfi, the same street as the hotel. Nicola, you now have a new pair of earrings. This morning we were awakened by the deep chiming of a clock at 7.00a.m. Today everyone is having an oral exam and doing a guided walking tour of Prato's historic centre. I have just finished my exam and decided to write an entry for this blog. I can hardly keep my eyes open.


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