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Monday, January 09, 2006

The Befana arrives

January 6th: Well today was another busy day in the classroom. We listened to a story about a ghost and then wrote our own endings. I was working with Giocamo(Jack). We then concentrated on the use of passato prossimo. We revised prepositions and also completed an interpretation of a song by Cesare Cremonini called Latin Lover. We were given a board game that can be used to teach the imperative to students.

After the lessons were over for the day we all gathered in the plazza to watch the descending of the Befana from the bell tower in Piazzo Duomo. The plazza was crowded and there were many firetrucks in attendance. Everyone was out and about dressed up to the nines. We saw many beautiful fur coats but not too many people from the animal rights groups...just as well!Rosemary had an excellent view from her window.
On dusk the Befana descended from il campanile of the church down into the crowd. She didn't exactly whiz down the wire like we were expecting but it was still a interesting experience. She then distributed lollies to all the children. At 8:00 we all went to a restaurant together to have tea. Most of us only had something light as the midday meals are very satisfying.


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